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These instructions are for Mac OS X and later (those that can run text file called "LaunchGame" inside the workzagtiaridsay.tk folder. Okay, finally got Minecraft working on my ancient Mac running OSX (Lion.
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fixed : install Minecraft on managed user account in OSX El_Capitan | workzagtiaridsay.tk

So far I am not that popular or "ranked up" on Planet Minecraft. I am hoping Blogs like this will help that. There is my little information about me and Planet Minecraft. JAR before installing anything in the minecraft. If you are running Snow Leopard, Leopard or anything Below The first step to modding Minecraft is to get the mod you want. The next step is to unzip the file, on most macs the. If not then just double click on the.

The third step is to go back to the page you downloaded it from and see if the mod needs dependencies like: A: Modloader B: Forge Modloader which requires Modloader C: Optifine Optional but reduces lag and helps with graphics D: Player API E: Mod based API's or Loaders All these will most likely have installations that are either install by dragging contents into minecraft.

To do this just run Minecraft with no mods besides the dependencies installed.

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These steps will make sure every feature of Minecraft is working properly. To do this you will have to go back to the page and see what its installation proccess is. Normally the installation is just drop the.

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But that's fodder for a different article. Luckily, as I mentioned, the folder is just hidden, using a special file attribute called the hidden flag. You just need to know how to access the folder or, if you prefer, unhide it. But in Lion, if you Option-click the Go menu, your Library folder magically appears in the menu; choose Library from the menu to open the folder in the Finder. Hold down the Option key while clicking the Go menu, and your Library folder magically appears. If you make the Scripts menu visible, as explained in the previous item, you can choose this script at any time to open your Library folder.

Some third-party launcher utilities see the next item will even let you run scripts using the keyboard or keyboard shortcuts.

Where is the Application Support folder in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion)?

Use a launcher utility Most launcher utilities, such as Alfred , Butler , LaunchBar , and Launcher , let you quickly open folders in the Finder. Choose it from here to open it in the Finder.

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Once you've opened the Library folder, you can drag it to the Finder window's toolbar or sidebar. This creates an alias to your Library folder; you can place this alias anywhere you like and use it to open your personal Library folder.

Mac OSX crash.

This creates a symbolic link on your Desktop to your Library folder. You can move this link anywhere on your hard drive; double-click the link just like any folder to open your Library folder.

Use a third-party file utility A number of third-party file browsers and Finder substitutes, including Path Finder , include the option to show invisible files in their file listings. You can use one of these utilities to open your Library folder whenever you need access to it.

How to Get to Your Minecraft Folder with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3

Create a keyboard shortcut for opening it Mac OS X lets you assign a keyboard shortcut to any menu command. But what you may not know is that you can even create a keyboard shortcut for a hidden menu item—such as, say, the Go menu's Library item. Here's how to create a keyboard shortcut that opens your Library folder:.

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You can now open your Library folder at any time by simply pressing your keyboard shortcut. Thanks to Macworld reader talmy for reminding me of keyboard shortcuts! Change the folder's "hidden" flag using a third-party utility Many of the third-party file browsers and Finder substitutes that let you view invisible files also let you change the visibility of files.

Another option is to use the free Invisiblix utility: Launch it, choose File: Browse Hidden Files, and choose your Library folder in the navigation dialog; in the resulting Invisiblix window, uncheck Hidden to make the folder visible. Invisiblix lets you browse invisible files and folders Similarly, many third-party "tweaking" utilities, such as Mac Gem TinkerTool System , have in the past few weeks been updated to include a checkbox specifically for making your Library folder visible.

These utilities are simply changing the same setting described in the previous paragraph.

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