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i cant burn a cd on my macbook pro my itunes is the latest HELP! If you check About This Mac (Apple logo upper left of desktop) > about this I have the same "Disc Software of Burner Not Found" prompt when i try to burn a.
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Feb 23, 24 0. Hi, I just tried to burn a CD on my iMac's internal drive for the first time since installing Mavericks. This is happening in both iTunes and Toast.

Disc burner or software not found, iTunes on PC

I have repaired the permissions using Disk Utility and restarted the software and computer a few times to no avail. Has anybody else had a similar experience, and been able to fix it? The drive is otherwise working fine playing and importing CDs etc. Thanks for any suggestions or help! Jan 12, 1, USA. Bear macrumors G3. Is the version of Toast you installed Mavericks compatible?

If not, it could've screwed up things for itself and iTunes. Fishrrman macrumors P6.

Feb 20, 17, 5, Some thoughts, in random order. First, try a shut down power right off , and restart.

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As oldhifi mentioned above, you could try the free app called "Burn". Thanks for the help guys. Joined Apr 20, Messages 1 Points 0. Have you tried reinstalling iTunes? Joined Jul 16, Messages 3 Points 0. JoshuaR said:. Ok, so when you go to burn an audio CD from a playlist the songs are purchased and protected , iTunes says Under the "advanced" "burning" tabs, the CD burner is listed there.

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I would assume that this means that iTunes is recognizing it properly. I have tried to be logged on as an administrator. I have tried a couple of other things too, but right now I'm tired and I'm having trouble thinking, I've been looking for an answer all day. If I'm repeating a topic then sorry, could someone direct me to the solution? Shogun New member. Joined Sep 1, Messages 1 Points 0. I had this same problem when I installed a program called Daemon Tools: a program that installs a virtual CD Drive into the computers memory, useful for playing games on your PC that you don't have the actual disc for but have the entire disc image saved on your hard drive.

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Once that was installed, itunes went cold and couldn't locate my DVD drive and kept saying "Disc burner or software not found". For days I couldn't fix it, even after uninstalling daemon tools and reinstalling itunes.

Finally I read about an addon to daemon tools that upgrades the SCSI connection and fixes the itune bug. I used the 32 bit one. Joined Sep 28, Messages 1 Points 0. Joined Oct 1, Messages 1 Points 0. It says Itune was not installed properly If you wish to import or burn a Cds you need to reinstall Itunes. I have reinstalled it three times and it still does the same is there a fix for it. I am running Vista. I have been having trouble with itune ever since i updated it two weeks ago first it was cd burner not found now this please help me.

Joined Nov 24, Messages 1 Points 0. Thank You!!! Joined Sep 25, Messages 1 Points 0. I am having the same problem with not recognizing my driver, yet I don't have deamon tools on my computer what can i do? Joined Oct 12, Messages 1 Points 0. Downloaded the 1.

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And hopa there were my burners available in itunes. CyberBlonde New member. Joined Oct 26, Messages 1 Points 0. Shogun said:. Same; lots of people seem to have this problem, a lot have sorted it by getting rid of deamon tools but most haven't been using it anyway! I've been just set my computer up with Nero 7 and everything works fin apart from burning with iTunes; there was a thread on the iTunes forum about the same problem but they'd classed it as solved even though no one'd fixed the problem!

Joined Mar 7, Messages 12 Points 0. Burner or software not found How do you change your account to a administrator? I can not get my itunes to reconize my burner either.

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Is there any other software that I can buy that will allow me to burn cd's from my itunes library? Or any other software that I can load my ipod into and burn from there?