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The configure script is designed to be used with two files related to the host type, usually residing in the same directory as the configure script. These files are config. Since Mac OS X and Darwin are relatively new, you may run across source code distributions that contain older config. You can find out if these files support Darwin by running the. If the script complains about an unknown host type, you know that you have a set of config. In that case, you can replace the config. To copy these files into the source directory, which contains the configure script, simply issue the following commands from within the sources directory:.

Table lists the predefined macros available on Mac OS X. When the compiler is compiling Objective-C. M files.

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When compiling for systems that use natural alignment, such as powerpc. If, and only if, the - bsd flag is specified as an argument to the compiler.

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When compiling for any Apple system. Do not rely on this macro to tell you that you are on Darwin or Mac OS X, since third-party compilers may not define this macro. Integer value that corresponds to the Apple version of the compiler. Instead, we suggest that you use a package like GNU autoconf to tell you which features the target operating system supports. This approach makes it more likely that your applications can compile out-of-the-box or with little effort on operating systems to which you don't have access.

When using the cc command, which supports more than one language, the language is determined by either the filename suffix or by explicitly specifying the language using the - x option. Table lists some of the more commonly used filename suffixes and - x arguments supported by Apple's version of GCC. For example, cc foo. To cc , it's just a command-line argument. C , what you enter on the command line makes all the difference in the world, particularly to cc. When you invoke cc without options, it initiates a sequence of four basic operations, or stages: preprocessing, compilation, assembly, and linking.

In a multifile program, the first three stages are performed on each individual source code file, creating an object code file for each source code file. The final linking stage combines all the object codes that were created by the first three stages, along with user-specified object code that may have been compiled earlier into a single executable image file. Apple's compiler provides two preprocessors. The default preprocessor for both C and Objective-C is the precompilation preprocessor written by Apple, named cpp-precomp.


For more information about cpp-precomp , see Chapter 5. However, some code may not compile with cpp-precomp. In that case, you should invoke cpp by instructing cc not to use cpp-precomp. For example, to compile the C program myprog. Object-oriented frameworks are critical in Mac OS X. It is often necessary to let the preprocessor know where to search for framework header files. You can do this with the - F option, which is also accepted by the linker. The search begins in directoryname and, if necessary, continues in order in the following standard framework directories:.

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To include a framework object header in Objective-C, use import. The format of the import preprocessor directive in your Objective-C code is:.

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Here, frameworkname is the name of the framework without the extension, and headerfilename. The - F option is accepted by the preprocessor and the linker, and is used in either case to specify directories in which to search for framework header files. This is similar to the -I option, which specifies directories to search for. The directory search order can be modified with - F options. To build Mono from a Git Source Code checkout, you will want to have the official Mono installed on the system, as the build requires a working C compiler to run.

Once you do this, run the following commands, remember to replace PREFIX with your installation prefix that you selected:. If you just want to install Mono without thinking too much, just copy and paste the following script, and enter your root password when requested:. This means that configure was able to resolve some optional dependencies in your environment gettext or glib primarily that have been compiled for bit when you are building a bit mono or vice-versa.

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To resolve this either rebuild the dependency to be a universal binary or build a mono that matches your dependencies. This site uses cookies for analytics.

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