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If you're in the market for a new Apple laptop, let us make the task just a little easier for you. Pro inch with Touch Bar () — $2, from Best Buy Still, it is technically the cheapest way into the Mac ecosystem, and that'll be The Touch Bar is a slim OLED touchscreen that takes the place of the.
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FYI, PowerMax doesn't seem to be in business any more. Or rather, it's been bought out by someone who just turned it into a series of links to Amazon, but all of the old company philosophy and such is still there, and there's no indication of the change on the site.

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Very odd. I noticed that Discount Electronics wasn't on the list. They get great reviews and they offer a standard 1 Year Warranty. I am looking at a Mac Purchase they rarely get Mac's but when they do they go fast so I am wondering what your thoughts are regarding this retailer. You forgot to mention Experimac. Experimac is a chain of individually owned franchise stores specializing in Certified Pre Owned Apple products.

They buy and sell, repair and upgrade anything Apple. Best part of Experimac over one of the web sites you mentioned is that you get to touch and see the device you are buying before choosing to buy. And if there are warranty or other repair issues you walk it right in and get it back much quicker and without paying shipping. There are more than locations around the country. Check Experimac. You explained very well, i just wanted to highlight one thing is that whenever you are going to buy refurbished phones or any device always go for certified Refurbished Apple products other wise there is chance of loss.

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I've been buying a lot of refurbed Macs over the last two years And, while we have had great luck with Apple's refurbed items, we have had mixed results with the other places. The prospect of paying a premium price for any used laptop is not for the faint of heart. It was only the continued development of unserviceable, non-upgradeable, new MacBook Pros that got me to thinking about replacing my aging 17 with a late model, used unit. After noticing refurbished machines for sale on the Amazon site, I followed up on one offered by a vendor, Experimac, in W.

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Palm Beach Florida. At least it was in my home state so I decided to make contact. A family business, the people at the store were friendly and encouraging and in a short while had informed me of an early machine - second to the last 17 model produced and top of the line in its day - they had available. After hearing about the condition, specifications, ram and new 1TB hard drive it had, we negotiated a price and I committed to the purchase.

Of course this was not my first Mac. In fact, it would be my third MacBook Pro I returned the unopened Retina 15 machine I had purchased from the Apple store just days before and sent in payment for the used machine from Experimac.

The best MacBook deals for November 12222

For just a few hundred dollars less than the new MacBook Pro Retina 15, I was purchasing a fully repairable and upgradeable 17 with no AppleCare warranty - I was now in uncharted territory as a used mac buyer after purchasing many new machines over more years than I like to quote. Think original Mac Plus buyer; that was a one piece desktop model with an amazing full Megabyte of storage and a cute, built in handle in the top Long story short, the happy ending didn't happen right away and nearly turned into a cautionary tale about buying used v.

I received the machine and was delighted for 6 months. The wonderful customer support helper took me through an over the phone diagnostic and could only come up with "Internal Hardware Failure" at every turn. Dejected and beginning to see my expensive gamble being raked in by the Experimac house, I at least found a sympathetic but encouraging response from the seller. Send it and we'll have it back to you in a few days it that's all it needs. At least it's repairable! Ok, so let's get it fixed and back home. Things went as planned and, though not as fast and smooth as previous repairs had under AppleCare support sigh.

There was a reasonably quick turn around and I had my machine back The keyboard no longer lit up "Alright, so it isn't perfect.

Over 20 years of buying and selling used Macs.

It's working! And, sadly, I had to call and send it back because there were new, very unMac-like problems with flickering screen images and other obvious defects in the video performance. Finally, after a series of conversations all of them perfectly civil with concern being voiced by both parties I got my machine back.

Experimac had reached out to Apple and the brand new logic board replacement- at no additional cost - has been an overwhelming success two months and counting. Today, I am a sold and resold Experimac customer and will do business with them again.

Portsmouth, NH

More than anything, the used option, it seems to me, has inherent risks of which the new buyer remains blissfully ignorant. Still, many find, especially without AppleCare, they are out in the cold if something expensive goes bad after warranty coverage expires. As for me, until Apple starts selling 17", repairable and upgradable desktop replacement laptops, I'll stick with Experimac - and no one else.

You should know that you can get your money back that you spent to have the first logic board replaced. Apple has an extended warranty recall. The inch MacBook Pro was also updated very recently with newer 8th-gen processors from Intel for They still only max out at four cores in the inch version, though. Here, we come to the cream of the crop. The inch MacBook Pro not only has the fastest processors, but it also includes discrete graphics. You can pair up an eight-core Core i9 processor and an AMD Vega 20 GPU, which should handily push through high-resolution video renders and graphics modeling with ease.

In May , it was updated with new processors and a tweaked keyboard. The model now comes with 9th-gen processors up to the whopping eight-core Core i9 for some serious power. The good news is that the update is still fairly fresh, and should be getting price cuts from retailers. Looking for more tech deals? Follow dealsDT. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently.

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Computing From Chromebooks to MacBooks, here are the best laptop deals for August Whether you need a new laptop for school or work, we have you covered. We've put together a list of the best laptop deals going right now, from discounted MacBooks to on-the-go gaming PCs. Posted 1 day ago — By Mark Coppock. Posted 4 days ago — By Drake Hawkins. Grab this rare deal on a brand-new Apple MacBook. Posted 5 days ago — By Drake Hawkins. It's a price that some tech reviewers feel is more appropriate for the laptop that's viewed as the go-to entry-level model for anyone who wants an Apple laptop experience.

With such a small price difference, customers may as well just get the slightly more powerful MacBook Pro over the new MacBook Air. For those who aren't Costco members and don't plan on signing up, Amazon's MacBook Air offer is still among the best.

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So if you don't plan on shopping a lot at Costco after signing up, the Amazon deal might be better for you. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search".