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BaseCamp or Mapinstall: A BaseCamp download includes MapInstall choose Windows or Mac. WebUpdater: For updating your device software click here.
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Drop six. You can then use the.

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This droplet allows you to set up certain settings while it works: it will look for related. JPG files with the same name as your. It will also ask the user for alert settings to be used for the points, to enable speed camera and similar alerts to be set up. The options and abilities of this droplet are explained in the documentation. This droplet converts. It does not ask for any user input: all the details it needs should be supplied in the.

The droplet will automatically read resources from files referred to by the. You can use this to associate icons, pictures and audio files with each point, and use the audio files as alert sounds instead of the normal 'beep'.

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My thanks to various people who have helped me develop these tools and fix bugs. It's impossible to develop an application like this without help: there are just too many unexpected differences between source files and between how different models of Garmin units behave, and it's hard to test them all since I don't have one of each kind of Garmin unit. I really do appreciate your help. Thanks especially to danham for moderating nuvipassion and to dfroom for pointing out that what most people want is to process.

If you want so see my rough and unfinished notes on the format of. You can use them on the following two conditions:. All rights reserved, all wrongs denied. Or you could disable your ad-blocker for this site.

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Submit A Support Request. Where to get POI Loader? Press 'Continue'. Choose the database files you require country and database type e. UK - Consolidated by Type. Click 'Download Database'. Mac Users - the process is the same but we advise you to use the free Unarchiver app.

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The built-in unzipping app is notoriously unreliable. If POI Loader does not automatically start, launch it now. Select your device or microSD card from the drop-down selection. You're looking in the wrong place - use "where to", then scroll down to "extras", and they should be in "custom poi's". Sorry, this is probably a really dumb question, but is there a way to extract any of my POI's before adding my custom list, short of typing them out in full? Damn good site by the way!

Hi, I'm a bit confused with my Garmin I've uploaded speed cameras data bases 5 of them. They work but not exactly as I'd expect.

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So some of them i. But they still do alert and beep. Is there any solution to that issue?

Thank you. Sounds like a software issue to me, probably something you've got to live with, where the Nuvi just wants to warn you of all Speed Cameras. Maybe search some of the Garmin forums? Tell me how you get on. You could also check out the Garmin Webupdater. Hi, i have 2 questions about Nuvi and appreciate if you can help me out, 1. I read somewhere that if i want to add a second map, all i have to do is add the gmapsupp. I have tried that but it does not work. Do you have the instruction on how to add a second map?. In the built-in memory Garmin folder, it consists of many files and folders.

What are these files for?. Any detail explaination availible in the Net?. OK, if you're adding maps I'm pretty sure you've got to use Garmins Mapsource software.

The Nuvi is basically a little computer, so just like if you look in the systems folder on your desktop, there's loads of strange files and icons. Delete them at your peril. Thanks for the very informative help. The instructions with screen shots are clear and precise.

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Why not just sign up for the free 30 day trial and get a new one through that? I've tried that, but it recognises that i have already had the trial.


Just a quickie, I got a W for Xmas and experienced an unacceptable amount of lock-ups, distorted voices and occasional dimming of the backlight when in use, so I took it back to Halfords for an exchange, which I now have.